1. None of us actually KNOWS anything.

2. Our memories–especially the nostalgic ones–are exaggerated.

3. The past does not exist, and the future does not exist. (unless you think time is a 4th dimension that is always present…in which case, this point is not for you)

4. We may have an idea of what we want, but we have no idea what has made us or will make us happy.

5. Perfection exists only as a concept, like absolute zero or a straight line.

6. All of our perceptions are relative. ie, we cannot help but view the world autobiographically.

7. Everything we think is ours is borrowed.

Ok, so what are the implications?

1. Even with the utmost justification and evidence, we can’t know anything for certain. Ever see The Matrix? It’s impossible to know if what we consider to be real actually is. Therefore all the information we gather shapes our beliefs. Some are very very strong, and others not as much. These beliefs are ours to choose and live by. I choose to believe that there is actually a computer in front of me, and other people who exists to read this website. I wouldn’t be writing a blog if I didn’t.

2. Sometimes I’ll think on a fond memory and pine for it. Other times I regret my past to the extent that it affects my mood. But nothing was as great or terrible as you remember it to be. There was a reason I broke up with so and so…no need to with for the good times again. Similarly, scooping cat littler is never as bad as I remember it being-just yesterday! So take your memories lightly, and know that they are not tape recorders…unless you’re one of those photographic types. In which case, I got nothin.

3. Another reason not to let regrets kill you is that those events don’t exist anymore! (once again, this is provided you look at time the traditional way.) The moment that I spent writing that last sentence is gone. And that one. The future doesn’t exist either. It is just a series of “moments” flickering by one by one. By the time they happen, they are still not the future. So live accordingly. This does not mean that I shouldn’t study for my tests, because it might not happen. I want the moments spent taking that test to be non-stressful, so I’ll prepare now just in case that future does manifest. We’re smart enough to notice that moments flicker along without stopping, so it’s wise to plan. Just not to anguish.

4. Some of us know what we want. Great. But getting it does not equate lasting happiness. There is most likely life after getting what you want, and you have to figure out what to do with it once the novelty wears off. Go ahead and want! That’s how you make decisions. Just realize that getting desires and not getting them is irrelevant to your lifetime happiness.

5. The reason these concepts exist is to provide a horizon for our endeavors. Ever notice how no matter how far you go, you never reach the horizon? If you like the chase, as I do, then by all means strive for perfection. However if you will be miserable without this perfection, you may just have to find a way to like miserable.

6. Think about this next time you argue over who’s right. Keep number 1 in mind too.

7. You don’t get to take it with you when all is said and done.